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Behind the camera you'll get someone real.  I am a mom, a wife, a history buff/teacher, and a cheer coach. I love dogs, chocolate, baseball and football, and studying the Revolutionary Era of America.

Welcome! I'm Laura and I'm thrilled to get to know you. You've read some fast facts about me, but I thought I'd take the opportunity here to share a few more things I am passionate about! First, I am so in love with my little family.  I know, I know...who isn't in love with their fam? But I say with all conviction that I am a family girl through and through.  I treat my last name (both maiden and married) as a badge of honor and live everyday trying to bring respect and honor to those names.  My kids, Marlie and Patton, are my pride and joy.  My husband, Tyler is my very best friend.  I enjoy making people smile and have been known to laugh way too much at a gif conversation. I learned photography from my Dad, who taught me not only to value people, but also to cherish history.


One of the top questions I am asked is why I began my photography business.  I can honestly say...that love for history. I watched my Dad fervently, through the lens of a Nikon, capture memories of my mom, me, and my siblings.  My mom putting out Christmas presents with a mischievous smile, me bright-eyed with sponge rollers in my hair before a cheer competition, my brother smiling with a baseball trophy that put him on the path to his MLB career, my sister's elation and absolute fire after a "ace" on the volleyball court.  Each of these a simple moment in time, but so powerful in the story of who I and my family are. He had his camera at every event, every family gathering, and now often as my second shooter at weddings I book. These moments, this history, give us a strong foundation. If we can have tangible pictures of where we came from then we are reminded of who we are and as a result, set in the direction we need to be going. My "why" is to tell the stories of my couples and families just like my Dad did with us.  Capturing your tears, your laughter, the looks in your eyes when you are in moments you are passionate about.


 I see my photography as a way to document YOUR history and I consider it a great honor to tell your story, and to capture memories unique to you and your loved ones.  Sure, we'll pose a bit, and we'll do some "traditional" photos, but most importantly I want to showcase glimpses of real life and real emotion.  I want to create moments that generations from now your family still "ooo's and ahh's" over.

So, enjoy browsing my website and I hope to creating snapshots of your history real soon!

Photo credit: Savannah Peterson

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Photo credit: Savannah Peterson

What to expect

Choosing a wedding photographer can seem like blind someone online, not sure what you're going to get... let me make this a better experience for you than that!

You can expect to feel like a long time friend.  Valued, cherished...we could sit down at a table anytime, anywhere, and talk for hours. If there's one thing I know I am good at, it's finding something in common with ANYONE.  I don't just want to know about your wedding, because even though that's a big part of why we met, the event doesn't define you or your story.  Expect to talk about yourself...A LOT. I am so excited to work with you!


Want to know more about what your wedding will look like if I am your photographer? Check out the link below!

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