Laura Stiles Bride

personal, detail oriented, an experience catered to you

From the minute you inquire, I work hard to make you feel like you are the only Bride I have on my books. We'll start with a 15 minute phone conversation (that I guarantee turns to an hour cause we are both gushing over your proposal story) about the "brass tax" of your wedding details. Date, Time, and budget.

Once you feel confident in the photography package you've chosen, we can sign on the dotted line and get down to business! LUNCH DATE! 

I love to take my couples out for lunch or coffee and walk through the contract with them, as well as talk wedding expectations. This is to ensure we are all on the same page and we are walking into your wedding day with clarity and a vision.

I always love these initial meetings because we have a ton of fun getting to know each other and you feel 20x more comfortable in front of my camera when you know who I am.

These lunch dates start a process of curating your wedding photography experience. Want detail-oriented wedding photos? I can do that. Want your photos to showcase the reception party of the century? Got you covered!



I was once a teacher, so I know the value in not letting your knowledge "grow stale."  I am constantly adding to my photography tool belt by shooting weddings as a lead photographer and a second photographer, investing in photography courses, and updating my gear.


If you choose me as your photographer (and let's be honest, I'd love it if we were friends), you aren't choosing a person with a fancy camera. You're getting a professional with over 6 years of shooting experience in weddings, portrait, and boudoir photography. I can help you with just about anything related to your big day and do so without a moment's hesitation. You're planning this big event once, I want to help your dreams come true.


The most requested thing I get from brides is that they have photos that are candid and this is something I strive to create for you! But in the event you may not be a "candid" type person, or feel that you might get camera shy, I have the solution.


 In order to get those dreamy, snuggly, romantic, or even laugh out loud photos, we start you off in one of my tried and true 6 base poses and go from there.  Don't worry about ever feeling shy in front of the camera again!


The most important thing I'd like you to know about becoming a Laura Stiles Bride is that I will make it my mission to invoke joy at every interaction.  I love to cut up, I love to smile and I love to hug. If you aren't a hugger, that's okay, we'll hand hug...if you don't know what that is, I'll teach you.  


Weddings are stressful enough, let me help you see the magic of your day, let's laugh and joke, tell me funny stories of your groom, share your first date experience...and I promise I'll give you everything I got to make this the most fun, joyful, memorable day of your life.

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