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Updated: Aug 5

Right now, as a photographer and I'm sure all other vendors too, when the phone rings and we see it is a bride or groom....we panic. It's scary because we think we are going to hear the words: "We have to cancel." That's scary for us because it's not only loss of business, but in a way it is a loss of the relationship that we've created.

When I got that call from Sarah and Dash, I was nervous. But the very first thing they said was that they most certainly were not going to cancel, that they valued and loved their vendors, they just needed to get a little creative, switch things up, and keep as many vendors as they could for a new date. Talk about a sigh of relief.

When I first FaceTimed Sarah and Dash, I knew they were my kind of couple. They loved Austin, TX so much that they had both chosen to live there even though their families were far away. They were detailed, they worked together to make decisions so I knew I could ask questions of either of them, and they (*cough, cough Sarah*) wanted to include their dog in all their photos in some way. After they booked, we planned a lunch at Hop Doddy. I mean, come on, doesn't this sound like a great couple of people already? But what stood out to many throughout the many interactions and stories I heard over this past year of working with them and becoming friends is that they truly care about people. Sarah even says that the night they met, at Whisler's in Austin, TX, she saw Dash before he saw her and watched him helping a family with their seats. Sarah is always so supportive and encouraging. Whether that be of Dash's music passion (she took all of his loose sheet music that he takes to gigs and made it into a book for their wedding gift!), or of his teaching (she proudly showcased on IG stories his hard work teaching during quarantine.) My conversations

with them always started with "how are you's" and "you guys are all healthy over there?" and it truly cultivated a friendship that also happened to be a business relationship too. I was blessed to have them as one of my couples.

Their engagement session happened just days before the government shut everything down here in Austin, so we actually were super lucky because they wanted an urban setting for their photos. We had Austin to ourselves!! Barely anyone was out. We got to take photos of all the landmarks (the Texas State Capitol, Whisler's, South Congress, etc.) without the people in them. It was also nice because we got to mix in both their styles: Sarah's is whites and beautiful buildings and Dash likes more bright colors and old run down buildings. This even came true after they changed their wedding date and moved their venue to an AirBNB out in Dripping Springs that just happened to have a run-down, but equally beautiful, chapel on the site.

Even though their wedding wasn't like they planned, I was so thrilled to have been invited to photograph this intimate display of love and dedication under any circumstance. What a picture of life, right? We marry someone and commit to better or worse. The circumstances of how they had to change their wedding were definitely worse, but they just wanted to marry each other and what mattered was the vows they were promising each other, not the venue or fancy table cloths, or top dollar catering. And yet...as karma would have it for these two wonderful people, the venue was beautiful, the table cloths were just their style, and the food was AMAZINGGGGGG.

Dream Team:

Venue: Sacred Passages Ranch

HMUA: Ashley Cherie Makeup Artistry - https://www.instagram.com/ashleycheriemakeupartistry and https://www.instagram.com/gabriella_thecosmowizard Floral: Flor Amor - https://www.instagram.com/floramoraustin/

Cake: Pink Sugar Austin - https://www.instagram.com/pinksugaraustin/

Catering: Pascal's Catering - https://www.instagram.com/pascalscatering


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