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Jennifer and Donald-- Georgetown Engagement Session

Updated: Jul 23

One of the best gifts you can give your wedding professionals, especially photographers, is flexibility. During the COVID times, this element is even more important. Us photographers are STRUGGLIN' YALL. We need your compassion, we need your grace, and we absolutely need your flexibility.

I mentioned this on my instagram post about Jeni and Donald, that they were so flexible and it was a huge help. We had their engagement scheduled for what seemed like ages and the coronavirus came on and well, I'm sure you know the story. Rescheduling broke my heart. As most couples know, you wait to do a ton of "planning things" until you have had you engagement photos taken. They are no exception. Jeni and Donald are getting married on the infamous 10/10/2020. People will probably get two to three invites for that date since it is so popular (I've had at least 4 inquiries just in the Austin area for the date)! So it was a top priority for them that their engagement photos get done so they could complete their save the dates.

When the week came for the photos, the restrictions were only getting tighter. Reports/rumors that photographers had been fined over $1000 were coming out and I was worried that trying to sneak around to do these would just leave a damper on what should be a really fun occasion. Jeni and I had a long talk about the risks, about where we might could do a quick private session, on and on. But then she said something that made me feel like 100 bricks were lifted from my shoulders. "I don't want you to come here, get in trouble, and your business be in jeopardy. I appreciate your willingness to make this happen for us, but I couldn't forgive myself if something went wrong. Let's just reschedule it"

That right there showcased exactly why I am excited for them to be a part of the Laura Stiles Photo family. Jennifer and Donald are selfless. They are the type of people who put others before themselves even if it is an inconvenience to them. I am honored that a couple like this chose me to document their precious memories.

Like I mentioned on my instagram, the rescheduling turned out for the better. As you can see in the photos, we got some GREAT LIGHT. But even better was that the square, though crowded, wasn't as busy as I have seen it on other occasions and mostly people were at the bar haha. So, we were able to use the "blue door" in Georgetown without any interruption. Additionally, the park wasn't crowded at all, so we had our pick of locations there too! The weather was also perfect. Light breeze, great temperature for the outfits Jeni chose, just an all around perfect day for a perfect couple.


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