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Four things to know for your Bridal Boudoir session!

When people ask what I do, they're not surprised that I say I am a wedding photographer. They ARE surprised when I say that I am a boudoir photographer too! I know the reason and I figured I would use my blog to help to rectify that situation. I typically don't advertise my boudoir sessions on my social media. The reason is two-fold. One, I have so many weddings I want to show you all that I feel those boudoir photos seem a little out of place in my feed. Two, the private nature of those photos is often something I like to save for the bride and her groom and most of my couples agree.

Recently, I have been getting more inquiries from brides about doing boudoir as part of their wedding package and I decided that it was the perfect add-on for a package. Most women know nothing about how a boudoir shoot works so, I took some time to shoot a styled bridal boudoir session at Deep in the Heart Farms in Brenham, TX to use as a backdrop to this blog post of everything you need to know about your boudoir shoot. I was so lucky to have a beautiful model and some gorgeous pieces to showcase and just felt that not blogging this would be a travesty!

One of the things that I think is most important to know about your boudoir session is: IT IS OKAY TO FEEL NERVOUS. In fact, I think the nerves make the shoot even more special. There's just something about how we change when we do something out of our comfort zone. But, to help ease your nerves I will say that I have plenty of experience doing boudoir shoots! Did you know that I am a contracted boudoir photographer for both San Antonio AND Austin?! Yep. So with 100+ boudoir shoots under my belt, I am confident that we will kick those nerves in the first 10 minutes of shooting and the rest of the time you're going to have the time of your life. I've even had a bride tell me that it made the wedding day so much easier because I'd already seen her in her underwear and she was 20x more comfortable for it, so....bonus!

Second, bring ALLLLLLL the white, a black ensemble, and then something funky or a different color! Of course white is our go-to when doing your bridal boudoir session and I often have brides bring only white (which makes for a consistent album). But, I also suggest bringing a black bodysuit of some sort. Bodysuits are flattering on E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E and they often add that element of super sexy where white has a more innocent look to it. The last thing I suggest you bring is something fun or a color that pops! To most people, red comes to mind when I say that sentence and I do like red...however if your goal is to have a more consistent or "luxury" looking album and feel to your photos, I would go with something like a deep green, light blue, or maroon. I also love a lace bridal robe to accessorize!

Third, we do not...I repeat, we do not have to take your photos prior to your wedding. A wise boudoir photographer told me one time that the best thing she told brides was that their boudoir shoot could happen AFTER the wedding and still make sense. Why? because guess what! The theme of the first year anniversary is paper. You can give the gift of an album for your one year anniversary AND fit those old traditional themes! Two birds, one stone my friends. Another reason I loved this suggestion is because boudoir sessions can seem like a lot of pressure and I would never want to heap that on you prior to your wedding day. So if you feel like it'll be a little too much, opt to go for it after the wedding day. It just means you get to see me again and YAY because we became friends over the course of your wedding planning and will want to see each other again anyway haha.

Lastly, do some stretches. You don't have to worry about posing yourself, because I do all that, but some of the poses can feel a little like you're in a yoga studio. It isn't going to hurt, but it shouldn't feel totally like an everyday move. Stretching can help this and can make the experience a little easier!

Ultimately, I think this experience is one that many brides wish they had done when they look at their friend’s albums. Even in my own personal life I have a ton of friends who have looked at the albums i have done for one of our girlfriends photos and they wish I could have done theirs too! Stepping out on that edge can be terrifying, but exhilarating and totally worth it!

DREAM TEAM for this shoot:

Coordinator: Styled Shoots by Hannah

venue: Deep in the Heart Farms Brenham, TX

hair and makeup: Samantha's Artistry

model: Ashley Meadows

lingerie: Alexandra Jo Intimates

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