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Why you should book Bridal Portraits

Before all the chaos of a wedding day, bridal portraits are the perfect time to get all fixed up, try on your dress for a time before the wedding, and work out any "kinks" that can come up with alterations or hair and make up. Most likely, you and I have spoken at length about your wedding day, grabbed a cup of coffee, and gotten to know each other a bit through engagement photos or our meetings. Bridal portraits just give us another opportunity to hang out and you to get comfortable in front of my camera. Trust me, I know how hard it can be to have a camera trained on you for your whole wedding day...so we might as well get comfortable right?! Here are my top reasons to book your bridal portraits ASAP!

First, a bridal portrait session is the perfect time to have a practice run for your hair and makeup. A lot of hair and make-up artists offer this in their packages, so it provides you with an extra opportunity to tell your beauty professionals just what you did and did not like about your style. I know this from personal experience, as I had my bridal portraits made and had a few points to tell my hair and makeup artist. My hair was a little too tight in my bridal portraits, so she made a note to make it more of a loose updo. Additionally, my make-up wasn't "thick" enough so we added a bit more on the wedding day. I have had a few brides tell me that after they saw how their make up photographed in their bridals, they decided to change it up completely! I highly recommend you try out your make up in front of a camera and that's why I love to offer a bridal portrait session as an add-on option to your wedding photography package.

Some of my brides have used the portraits as an opportunity to make sure their alterations are exactly what they want/need. Because we do portraits typically 2 to 3 months before the wedding, this gives you plenty of time to assess your already completed alterations or determine what needs to be altered before the big day! I've had brides decide they need extra buttons for their

bustle because when they tried it for bridal portraits it didn't hold up like they wanted or it felt like it was falling. Sometimes it's realized that the length of their dress is still too long and hard to walk in. With a day like your wedding day, you want your dress to be beautiful but also....functional! If you can't move or dance in the thing it will make for a pretty uncomfortable day. Use these portraits as an opportunity to get that taken care of!

Bridal portraits are often the first photo op that gets "nixed" if we are running behind on your actual wedding day. I always try to build in a time where we can snap a few photos of you all dolled up but sometimes there is just too much happening on your wedding day to get that done. One example might be if your hair and makeup ran a bit off schedule, we might have to forgo bridals so we have ample time for a first look. Another thing to consider is that if you choose not to do a first look and have a fall wedding, we only have so much time after the ceremony to squeeze in family portraits, wedding party photos, and your portraits as the new Mr. and Mrs. :) All the more reason to get those portraits done early while you have time to relax and enjoy them! Go on, take one more thing off your plate for the wedding day!

Lastly, it's just another opportunity to wear your dress! Most women wear their dress once and only once. How sad for a dress that you spent so much on and are so excited about! Bridal portraits give you the opportunity to wear your dress for more than one occasion and who doesn't want that?! A lot of my brides who have had their portraits done have all had a similar sentiment: this is the last time they will be a bride, spending money to get all done up and wearing a white dress, so it's the perfect time to commemorate it!

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