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Why you should do Destination Engagement Photos

Updated: Oct 15

When couples ask me about ideas for engagement photos I always suggest the popular ideas, like sunset photos, outdoor sessions, and places that might mean something to them as a couple like a coffee shop or restaurant. But every once in a while, I get a couple that tells me they want to go big for their session and do I mind traveling? Ummmm...NO I DO NOT MIND! haha Courtney and Collin were one such couple. They both love to travel so destination engagement photos just seemed right to Courtney. In fact, not only did we travel for their engagement session but I will be headed for their destination wedding in Vermont next summer!

We decided to meet at Monahans Sandhills State Park, where you legitimately feel as though you've been transported from Texas to Mars in 5 seconds. The sandy hills are endless and when the sun is setting over those hills, a reddish pink glow tints the sand for the ultimate sunset photoshoot. The Monahans hills were perfect for engagement photos because while there were a lot of people around boogie boarding and sliding down the dunes, it only took a short walk or turn in a different direction and the people were out of sight-out of mind.

I think the best thing about doing a destination engagement is that you can truly showcase you as a couple while being in an epic place. One of the words I would use to describe the future Chapmans as a couple is ADVENTUROUS. If that's how you feel about you and your future spouse why not backpacking in Big Bend? Why not head for a South Padre beach session? Let's say your word is romantic... we can head to some of the best wineries in Fredericksburg to capture a snuggly session in the vines. What ever your fancy, I'm down to give you the unique engagement photos you have always dreamed of having. Let's go!!

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