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First Blog Post!

I am finally hopping on the blogging train. Y'all! I am super excited to get to share with you the day ins/day outs of my photography business, but also excited to share with you much more personal content. Instagram has been great for that, in a way, but the depth just isn't there and I know a lot of you are looking for a way to keep up with my family, our moves, and a little bit of business too.

Birthday Celebration

This weekend was a welcomed change in our #quarantinelife. We were finally able to travel to see Tyler's family for his brother Sam's birthday. It was the big 2-1 for Sam and we had planned before COVID hit to do a big party for him. Unfortunately plans changed when the virus hit, but lucky for our family we have all been able to strictly quarantine so we knew that coming together for this would be safe. The timing, though, couldn't have been better because we learned about 2 days before we were set to head there that Sam had also landed a job! Proud sister-in-law to a Bastrop Firefighter!

How we celebrated:

  1. Tons of games. We played a variety of different games together, here are a few that we tackled this weekend.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza - A fast paced, hand slapping, card game that can have as "many players as can fit around a deck of cards." I'd recommend this for the large family that loves each other so much that they hate when they are limited by the number of players that can play a game. haha I'll add a link here.

Life-size Beer Pong - exactly what the name implies, it's giant beer pong. 5 gallon buckets filled with water serve as your cups and a volley or soccer ball as your ping pong balls. It's a super fun backyard game that doesn't even have to be played using alcoholic beverages. I would recommend this as a game for the family that just has to be outside. This is the Stiles family, through and through. If the suns out, the Stiles are out.

Werewolf - an elimination game making you truly question if you really even knew your family at all!? We love this game, again, for a large group of people. Because its a process of elimination game you need to have a substantial group in order for it to work properly. We've never played it with a formal deck of werewolf cards, but I found one on amazon (with slightly different rules than we played) and it's close enough to how we play that I just might order it myself.

Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea - We can't go one weekend without breaking out what we lovingly refer to as a "nerd game." This is the type of game that you have to truly strategize for, think about, and be willing to devote time to. If all those things sound awesome, this is an incredible game for that. You can play with 7 players if you buy the expansions (we did hah) and even though it is a lot to learn on the front end, actually doesn't take that long to finish, maybe a two or three hour game.

2. FOOD!

We certainly didn't skimp on the food this weekend. At Tyler's mom's we had chicken fried steak, mac n cheese, and brownies. At their dad's we ate red velvet cupcakes, pork tenderloin and porkchops, burgers, and I may or may not have eaten a salad.

I personally contributed homemade sandwich bread for the weekend that is so easy and so good. I included the link for the recipe here if you'd like to try your hand at it while stuck at home.

3. Family Photos

My father-in-law's house has a huge family tree on one of his walls. On each branch of the tree there are a cluster of photos of him, his parents and grandparents, and each of the kids and their families. I was asked to provide photos of our family for the tree but then thought why not do family photos while we are all together! The men in the family were **so thrilled** to put on nice clothes for pictures but for all their jesting about it, I think the photos turned out brilliant and will be a perfect addition to his beautiful family photo wall. Special shout out to Hannah of HES Photography (also Sam's lovely girlfriend) for taking the photos of me and my family. Enjoy!

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