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Galveston Engagement Photos - Courtney and Colton

Updated: Oct 15

I love getting to shoot engagement photos in locations where couples met. It's so exciting to see them light up and say things like "This is where I first saw her! She was so beautiful!" or "He didn't know it but I saw him sitting there and had a feeling he was the one!" These type of sessions make your photos so special and fun. Imagine looking at them decades from now telling your grandkids all about how granny and pop met!

Colton and Courtney chose to do just that. We started at Evia, a community in Galveston with the cutest sidewalk spaces, gazebos, and lakes. This was no ordinary spot, however, as it was the place where the future Besett's had their first date! Sugar Bean Coffee is exactly what you would think a beachy coffee spot should be, Bright pastels, gelato, and probably one of the best iced white mochas I have ever had. It's no wonder both Colton and Courtney describe their date here as the "best first date we have ever had!" We walked straight out of the coffee shop to the sidewalk and started our session and man were these two naturals! I always like to start with walking photos to "loosen you up." Something about being further away from the camera when you're "posing" makes it that much easier for you to get comfortable snuggling up in front of me. It took these two no time to be laughing, giggling, and Colton telling dad jokes.

The next stop for our lovebirds was a beach they liked to frequent and a popular destination for engagement sessions, Beachtown Galveston! There truly is some stunning homes and architecture to use in the photos and the beach itself was hardly crowded at all, leaving us plenty of room to run around on the beach! This location reminded the couple of the day Colton proposed, a perfect sunny day on the beach. The couple frequently went on dates to the beach to play frisbee, boogie board, and just enjoy each others company. So Colton devised a plan to go on a normal "date" but turn it into a proposal! As the couple set up on the beach, Colton went to grab the sunscreen...or so Courtney thought! Instead, he grabbed the ring and got down on one knee...problem was, Courtney had already taken off her shorts to go get in the water. When she realized what Colton was doing she stopped him so she could put her shorts back on since, in her words, "this seemed like one of those occasions you should probably have pants for." HAHA

While there is comedic elements to their proposal story, as they described it to me what stood out is how they looked at each other. Locked, twinkling eyes, laughing, the biggest smiles I have ever seen. To put simply, you could tell that moment was the happiest moment of both their lives because it was an outward expression of their love for one another. And because of that, I aimed to make the beach photos reminiscent of that day, full of fun but also a portrait of their deep love for one another.


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