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Game Review One: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

A little different than my normal wedding photographer content, but this is such a fun way to let you guys in on a hobby of mine as well as give you an idea for a fun family night at home! As I said in my instagram post, I love love love to play board games and consider myself a bit of a nerd in that regard. I really like any and all types. Cards, 4X games, Dice, Traditional board games, deck building games....YOU NAME IT.

Every game nerd has a "gateway" game. The one game that grabbed your heart and wouldn't let go but also pulled you down the slippery slope of spending countless hours and dollars on the next thrilling game. For me, it was Settlers of Catan, which I am sure I will review at some point on my new "board game blog series." After Catan, I had to get the expansion so that myself and all the siblings (both mine and Tyler's) could play. I went one fateful night to Barnes & Noble to try and buy the expansion. They didn't have it and I was so bummed out, until one of the employees suggested I try this store he had heard about. I quickly hopped in the car, keyed up my google maps, and headed to what had become one of our family's favorite stores: The Dragon's Lair. Dragon's Lair is a Comic book, board game, fantasy store in Austin, San Antonio, and I just realized Houston too! The staff there is always friendly and knowledgable. I often ask them their favorite board games when searching for our next big hit. If you're interested in visiting their store: https://dlair.net

From there, I was HOOKED. Now, when we get together with friends or family, we find ourselves planning out time so we can play an backstabbing game like Werewolf, a deception game like Coup, or the ultimate strategy game like Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea. During quarantine, however, we could only play with our five year old and we had to get creative on the games we were able to pick: enter Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.

"Taco Cat," as we refer to it, is super simple and super fun. It's a card slapping game that you can play with as many players as can fit around the deck! 3 players in the minimum. Each card has a picture on it of a Taco, a Cat, a Goat, a Cheese, or a Pizza. Then, there are three "specialty" cards. The object of this game is to be the first one without any cards left.

You start the game by distributing all the cards to each player. Leave your cards face down. I like to put mine in front of me but you

can also hold them...as long as you don't peek!!! As you go around clockwise and flip cards in the center, you repeat aloud this: TACO, CAT, GOAT, CHEESE, PIZZA. When a card matches the word you say you race to be the first to slap the deck! If you're last, you have to take the cards.

Now for the special Cards: Narwhal, Gorilla, and Groundhog. If you flip these over you have to do an action FIRST before you can slap the pile.

Narwhal - Slap your hands above your head

Gorilla - beat your chest

Groundhog - bang both fists on the table

Now the "gotcha" rules:

If you PEEK you take the pile

If you FLINCH you take the pile

If you SLOW DOWN THE GAME you take the pile

If you DO THE WRONG SPECIALTY ACTION you take the pile

If you SAY THE WRONG THING you take the pile

Once you have run out of cards, you have to make it one more round of being the winner of the slap-off. If you lose, you take the cards and try to run out again before someone else. If you win the slap, YOU WIN THE GAME!!!

Like I said, super easy game and really fun with a group of people. When we play with Marlie, we do take it a bit slower and a little bit easier on the slaps. Don't want to go breaking any fingers. lol I have attached the link to purchase Taco Cat on amazon! I do always suggest checking with your local game store though, it's always nice to support local business!! And if you're ever finding yourself in need of a board game photography session than just wedding photography, I'm your girl!! haha


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