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Bridal Buzz Interview at Harper Hill Ranch

Updated: Oct 20

I recently got an incredible opportunity to be on an episode of San Antonio Weddings podcast: The Bridal Buzz! We got to film the episode out at Harper Hill Ranch, one of the most idyllic Texas hill country wedding venues. The entrance and proceeding hill give you exactly the views you would expect when someone says "hill country" and you're greeted by the famous longhorns too! It was so nice for the owners to let us come out there for filming and they even called up the longhorns and we all got to feed them!

The venue itself is amazing, sitting up on top of the hill under gorgeous trees. The venue is home to ranch animals and we got to see the "featured guests" right away as they came right on up to the fence. Just look at those three sweet faces! Those three are miniature donkeys and their names are just the best: Prince Henry, Mr. Big, and Louis Vuitton. The venue offers a temperature controlled barn with gorgeous stained glass windows, a separate bride and groom's room and a covered outdoor patio! The last thing, and a total selling point for me, was the fact that you could rent the ranch house just a few steps behind the venue. Why was this a selling point? Cause that baby has a POOL yall. What a perfect place for a full wedding weekend! The house has space to sleep 22 people, perfect for your family and wedding party!

I won't spoil the whole interview, but I thought I might give yall a little extra to read about Dash and Sarah's wedding too! Sarah and Dash were originally going to have a large, downtown Austin wedding. Everything was trucking along as planned until March. We actually took their engagement photos a day before the entire state shut down. This turned out to work perfectly for their Austin engagement photos because there was NO ONE downtown and we had pretty much the run of the whole place. Dash and Sarah are both transplants to Austin. They met through mutual friends from Seattle and then decided to meet for a drink at Whisler's. It was a match! Because the downtown Austin vibe had played such a role in their relationship, they decided to incorporate all the elements you associate with this city into their wedding: urban, eclectic, artistic, colorful.

Like I said...everything was happening according to plan. And I am sure you can connect the dots. Covid. Frustration. Tears. Changes. When Sarah and Dash called me, I was at my parent's house and I remember laying down on the bed taking a deep breath and whispering "please don't cancel" before I answered the phone. You see, us wedding vendors have been in a scary place this whole time. Our livelihood did (and for some has for the future) halted and each phone call we get could be the one making the hole in our wallet larger. Yes, I said it. those cancellations hurt us too! It's in a different way, but hurt nonetheless. But there is another reason I didn't want them to cancel: I CHERISH THESE PEOPLE. I am telling you, what would have hurt worse than any lost income would be to not get to photograph these two people whom I had come to be friends with.

I count myself a lucky one, because Sarah and Dash had decided I was a must-keep! YES! But we had to get creative. They had to move dates, move locations, vastly change the plans. We discuss it a little bit on the interview with San Antonio Weddings. But they had a location, then decided to book an airbnb to stay at the day of, that didn't work out so we looked at a boutique hotel....that hotel was closed. Then they booked Sacred Passages Chapel and we made the plan to drive to Palmetto State Park for the portraits. Needless to say, there were a lot of moving parts and that doesn't include shifting the entire budget into different priorities.

Again, Bridal Buzz covers a portion of that shift but the vendors Sarah and Dash included really did a stellar job of working with them. Sharon with Flor Amor Austin created this stunning custom bridal bouquet and altar pieces with exactly the urban, modern elements that Sarah had dreamed for her original wedding. She also knocked it OUT. OF. THE. PARK. with the cake topper. And don't get me started on just how amazing Pink Sugar did on the cake. I mention it in the podcast but I've loved every dessert I have tasted of Pink Sugar's and as a result Sugar made my birthday cakes this year! We also had ample time to do portraits, so I gave Sarah a full on bridal session, Dash his very own groom session, and even their precious little dog Mies got his time in the spotlight. (Also, please gush over this floral dog collar that Flor Amor created.)

Both Sarah and Dash answered that one thing they could not live without was the warmth of sunshine. I didn't think about it until on the wedding day, but dang if that is what went right about all this chaos. Their wedding day was not only filled with an abundance of bright, warm sunshine... it also include the warmth from each and every special guest that attended their ceremony and subsequent dinner. They were surrounded by friends that gushed over just how special they were and I was so honored to have been chosen to bear witness to their union and join in the ranks of those friends who will forever gush about the Shearers.

Please go have yourself a watch or listen of my episode on San Antonio Weddings podcast: Bridal Buzz. :)

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