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Romantic Military Themed Engagement Shoot at The Pearl in San Antonio

Natalie and Mike completely wow-ed me during this session. Not only did Natalie follow the styling guide and dress them both to perfection, but they were just naturals in front of the camera! The styling guide is something I like to send out to couples who choose to book engagement sessions. It's filled with all sorts of tips and tricks to get the most out of each of your outfit choices and ultimately your engagement photos!

Often I hear couples say that they will be "awkward" in front of the camera and I can completely relate. Most people think because I am a photographer that I am just a magical unicorn and can transform into a model in front of the camera. That is the furthest thing from true. lol I am just as awkward, which is why I work so hard to pose and prompt my couples so that they feel comfortable, look their best, and ultimately have the most fun ever! Natalie was nervous because she thought they were going to look awkward, I assured her that they would not! The poses I put couples in are less of the "glamour shot" type pose and more just a flattering base stance. From there I ask you to interact with one another, to tell me something about the other person, or as was the case for the future Crosbys.....cuddle their sweet pup Dusty! Off we went on this adventure at The Pearl Brewery in San Antonio.

The Pearl was a clear favorite as a location for their engagement photos. Not only is it one of the most popular places in San Antonio for engagement photos, but it is also the location of Natalie and Mike's first date!

They met on Bumble, talked so long that they shut the restaurant down and couldn't get ice cream after, and then took a stroll along the Riverwalk because the date was just that perfect. Much like their first date, I knew right away they were the couple for me when Natalie and I texted each other the exact same GIF at the exact same time. From then on we've bonded over GIFs, Star Wars, outfit selections and instagram DM's. For those of you that don't know me well, I pretty much live on a good GIF and Star Wars reference.

We found out we had so much more in common on a bridal consult lunch date at Whiskey Cake. Natalie is a 6th grade teacher and I was also a teacher. Mike works in the same building as Tyler doing similar things in the USAF. They love dogs, an evening on the porch in rocking chairs, and whiskey drinks. They have large families and love them endlessly. The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. I'm just fan-girling at this point.

As the sun went down, again just like their first date, we just WERE NOT ready to end the session! We were having too much fun, talking and laughing. So we decided to keep going with the session and pushed my camera to it's limits! Shameless plug: If you are a photographer and are interested in the Nikon Z6, you MUST get it. This next series of photos was taken in "blue hour" and are still what I would consider to be light and airy photos!

We didn't stop there either! Natalie was interested in a few more but we had lost the sun. I told them that we could certainly go chasing cool night lights and see what we could find. We tried a number of different alleys, store fronts, and finally settled on Local Coffee, where the nice people working there allowed us to stay a little past closing time to create what I think is the perfect date-night inspired engagement photos. And folks....I took one of my favorite photos EVER right there in that coffee shop. Scroll down to see it in allllll it's glory!!

And without further ado, my favorite photo of the night! I'm telling yall the Z6 is a beast of a camera! I added the grain to this because it was giving me all the Old Time Hollywood vibes. Ugh. HEART. EYES.

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