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San Antonio Engagement Session at the Historic Pearl

I started off my instagram post with the premise that my images and my clients shine when we are both fully invested in one another. What does that mean?! It sounds like a really weird relationship but hear me out, because it's not!

What I mean is that we have to work to build a friendship that translates to the photos. It's through that friendship that you and your person will feel comfortable in front of the camera to be silly, have fun, and truly shine. What does that look like initially? Well, I do a lot of scrolling on your instagram or facebook haha. Don't run for the hills just yet! I want to get to know you and I hope you want to get to know me (so scroll away!) When it comes to investing your money and your most precious memories in my business, I want it to be

an easy decision for you because I am a trusted friend. You should be confident that I am someone who cares so much about your relationship that I would do it justice through the photos.

I wanted to use Elle and Victor's engagement session to highlight this. Elle WON this engagement session from an email campaign. In short, Elle and Victor didn't know me AT. ALL. She followed me on Instagram and I then followed her. We dm'ed about apple watches, I scrolled through her instagram and learned that she was just as devoted to her family as I am, we talked about her job and COVID, I saw how much she adored Victor. She commented and liked my photos on instagram, which might not seem like much but as a photographer depending on the instagram algorithm....that's GOLDDDD.

We became *friends* and when it came to their engagement session day....it was freaking raining and I told her she really wouldn't want to try to do these with the weather being like it was. Now, if this was just a "business transaction" she might not have wanted to postpone and might have been a little bit peeved about it. Heck, she could have thought that I wasn't "good enough" to make magic happen in the rain. But because she trusts me as a friend and knows I care just as much as her about making these photos magical, it was an easy decision to which she responded:

"it's ok, God always has a plan. Our photos are gonna be amazing with you and I have full faith that Monday will be absolutely wonderful."

I'm here to share with you those ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL photos she was talking about. The minute we met at the Pearl, we were laughing like old friends. Victor was having so much fun that I threw in my silly "airplane" shot (that I use sparingly haha) and they nailed it on the first try.

I can't say this enough. When you invest time in getting to know me, you learn about my heart for my couples and you begin to feel comfortable letting me guide you through the potentially difficult and stressful process that is wedding planning. I invest in your relationship so that I can get to know who you both are and what makes you stellar. I want every moment I capture to feel authentic to who you are as people, friends, and ultimately in the beginnings of your beautiful marriage!

I want to be friends first, business transaction second! Let's get invested!

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